Older n wiser

Its 5minute friday and am writing on the prompt ‘older’

Happy birthday dear gypsymama!

Your prompt today made me remember how when I was a little girl I always wanted to be older, grown up. I recall how I used to rummage through my mum’s closet for those under-wears, clothes and especially the high-heeled shoes that were way too big for me and made those unmistakable ‘clump’ ‘clump’ sound with each step. Pure delight! What about my experiment with makeup, my desire to talk like adults do and biggest of all my desire to make decisions for myself.

Now am all grown up… older… and my wishes have come true. I am older and wiser than I was when I was a little child. Amazing how sometimes these days I wish I were a little girl again without a worry or a care. Truth is with my heavenly Father, am still His little child and He wants me to live without any care!

I rejoice at hearing you are a year older today. As you celebrate, remember you are your Father’s child! Take the new year with all its treasures and promises!


2 thoughts on “Older n wiser

  1. Linda August 26, 2011 / 8:55 PM

    Ah. The sound of little feet in big lady shoes. Brings back memories. 🙂 But I usually tried on a friend’s mom’s shoes. My mom was a hair dresser who spent all day on her feet and wore more sensible shoes. They weren’t so fun to walk around in.

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