‘Cos beginning is never easy and there’s always a first time…

She was thrilled at the thought of getting on a bouncy castle, her first, but she won’t get on it. The other kids, laughing, shrieking and having the time of their life, beckoned on her to hop on the castle but my little one was transfixed. With a bit more urging from all of us, she made her first attempt  to climb but immediately resigned to sitting at the edge rather than the hopping like the others.

She soon finds that there’s no fun sitting in a bouncy castle. With a little more “you can do this, I know you can do this“,  she got up on the castle, managed to steady her feet and  was jumping and tumbling gleefully the next minute, oblivious of her initial fear and not heeding my caution cry. Talk about throwing caution to the wind!

And when it was time to take our leave, she was definitely not ready – she wanted more! ‘Endings are better than beginnings’Ecclesiastes 7:8 (MSG).

While I was thinking what trick to explore in getting my little fun-lover out of the bouncy castle, it struck me how it is that God is always calling us to greater things. Many times we choose to first test the waters, toes first and unsure, but He has called us to a life of faith.

Beginning is never easy. But beginning we must.Has God told you to do something? Can you trust Him enough to move at His say so?


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