The word of God on my lips this year is God talking!
Has He not said that not an iota of His word spoken will return to Him void?
Can I not also believe and therefore boldly speak His words and get the same results?
Can I not dare look into tomorrow and roar in the face of it?
Can I not as He said speak and move this mountain?
Who or what is this mountain that stands before me today anyway?
I believe and therefore boldly declare-
In the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ-
The walls of the mountains are broken down
The valleys are filled up
The crooked places are made straight
The limits are broken
I am free, unlimited, unhindered – free to become
The lines are fallen to me in pleasant places
I have a goodly heritage
I can do all things through the Anointed and His anointing
That which is born of the Word overcomes the world
I am born of His word
I overcome this world and its present reality
His word is incorruptible and abides forever
His words -quick and active do not fail.
They are sharper than any doubled edged sword
A lion has roared! Who wouldn’t be afraid?
The Lord God has spoken–who will not prophesy?


4 thoughts on “Roooooaaaaaarrrr!!!

  1. Lynnea January 6, 2012 / 5:18 PM

    Wonderful! I love this!! Thank you for posting!!!!!

    • atshaibu January 6, 2012 / 6:14 PM

      Thank u sooo much! Gypsymama touched on a soft spot with her word for today (:
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