I am my father’s daughter

And a proud one at that too!

Walking down the aisle in his arms

Bold and confident of the future

Believing in me and urging me on towards my dreams

My backbone and confidant

Stamina and standby through the seemingly difficult times of my life

Guiding me through the years with his words of wisdom

(even though he sometimes doesn’t heed them for himself)

His blend of cheerfulness, stubbornness, warmth and yes even cynicism

Mustering every support for us even when it left him with nothing

Giving me the strength of his youth, indeed his wings to sail on

A strong support through the years;

modelling the love of a father

a signpost of the love of God

May God be with you and carry you

when you lack the strength to stand on your own

May God work things out for you

in a way that is greater than anything you ever thought possible

and fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him 

Do you know the love of a father?


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