For The In-Between Place

Poof! It’s all gone with the wind, my attempt at uncovering the art I am made to live. No, you cannot possibly imagine my anger and frustration at losing a full-page draft I had just finished editing just when I was about hitting the save button. Alas! All I have left is this one liner from the draft:

“He, God will carry me, bear me up in His arms. Like a father carries his son, so He will carry me in and through this in-between place”.

I was neck-deep in debt and had been writing about that being my in-between place where I believed God was upholding me. Have you experienced the joy of receiving a salary alert short-lived by the thought of each i-owe-you competing to be settled first; the embarrassing demand notices; how we respond to them differently – some getting angry and bitter, others worried and perplexed and yet a few, too few look ahead and beyond themselves and their circumstances for the way forward and out and how I wanted to remain one of these few irrespective of the situation I find myself.

The one-liner was good enough to set me going again – to start my draft all over. And when I did start, my initial draft came back to me differently but still the same message. “He will carry me … when I can’t go on on my own”.

Are you in an in-between place?

You are upheld by God from birth, carried from the womb
Even to your old age, God is God
Even to gray hairs, He will carry you
The One who has made you will bear you in all your ways
He will carry you and deliver you
He will bear you up in His arms.
Like a father carries his son, so He will carry you in and through your in-between place.

In less than 24 hours, the in-between place has become history! When God carries you… and when you know the hands which carry younothing else matters… He is more than enough. Upheld by the One in whom all things consist and hold together. No limits. You go on and on.


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