I still see the white overalls with IV, syringes and medications.
Faces young and old baring bland expressions scurrying on hospital corridors.
You on your hospital bed, brave as ever unwilling to betray your emotions and the pain.
The diagnosis, the dismissal and then your decision – your choice to not stay!
I recall the trip to your birthplace without you.
The final closing – earth to earth…
And the return without you
The memorial service
Life without you to set things right and in order
Lost count of the number of times I reach to call and gist with you about today’s goings on…
Daddy, can’t believe you are really gone and life goes on.
I feel tears trickling down the corners of my eyes now,
And I realize, I’ve been way too strong, too strong to cry.
The kids ask after u “where is the grandpa in this room?’
I know you are at rest and at peace
But why didn’t you stay?
I miss you so