its 5 minute friday! ..And am writing for 5 minutes flat @thegypsymama’s prompt: Rest

wont you come join us?

Rest. Since the very first working day of this week, I’ve woken up mistaking each subsequent day of the week for a friday. With an 8am – 6pm working hours job (and of course traffic), I barely get enough for my kids let alone myself. Thank God It’s Friday. Tomorrow, I rest! Rest has taken a new meaning. It means spending quality time with my two little girls 3+ and 2 without being mindful of how time flies. Lazying and doing only our favorite things all day. I recognize this can be tasking too but I look forward to it still. As I turned to leave for work this morning, I heard the younger one say ‘mummy don’t go’. My heart breaks but I turn to leave with a smile and a promise ‘I’ll go no where tomorrow’ and she knows I mean it. Rest means spending quality time with my girls.